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RFID Credit Cards: Is Your Identity Safe?
Why Are People Hoarding Coins?
The Benefits Of Having A Floating Island For Startups
Lessons From Thriving Retailers
5 Safety Net Services Available To Americans
Which Income Class Are You?
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Is Premium Fuel Worth The Cost?
You have lots of choices when it comes to pumping gas into your vehicle. You can go to a national gas station that advertises widely, or go to a local discount station to save a few pennies a gallon. At every station, you can buy different grades of fuel. Gas retailers try to differentiate their gas from that of their competitors through marketing and advertising campaigns that suggest their blend is better.

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How To File A Canadian Tax Return
Filing taxes in Canada will not give you heartburn and sleepless nights. The process is easy and streamlined, and anyone with a basic grasp of math can file his or her return quite easily.

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RFID Credit Cards: Is Your Identity Safe?
So-called "smart cards" are now common among major credit card issuers. They make shopping easier and faster for the holder and can add additional protection against traditional forms of credit card theft. Some users and identity theft watchdogs, however, raise an alarm about the safety and security of the information embedded in the card.

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Why Are People Hoarding Coins?
Stocks and bonds are common investment vehicles which are owned, directly or indirectly, by investors and pension holders. Metals also have a market value; silver and gold, for example are traded daily. Other metals also have value and a new breed of investors is emerging: the coin hoarder.

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The Benefits Of Having A Floating Island For Startups
Starting your own business is a dream for many. Having the ability to do what you enjoy every day and having control over your time are just a couple of the perks that can come with being a business owner. Stanford School of Business reported that graduates looking to start their own businesses peaked in 2011, at around 16%. More graduates than ever are tapping into their entrepreneurial spirits, rather than looking for employment with large corporations.

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Lessons From Thriving Retailers
It's a question that retail analysts, CEOs, investors and even consumers are trying to answer: Why are some retailers thriving while others are struggling to survive? Is it age? Retailers like J.C. Penney (NYSE:JCP), Sears (Nasdaq:SHLD) and Radio Shack (NYSE:RSH) are struggling to stay in business, but can the same be said for Macy (NYSE:M)'s or Dillards (NYSE:DDS)? Industry experts generally disagree on the reasons for such a discrepency, but there are some common theories.

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5 Safety Net Services Available To Americans
The United States government offers a wide array of assistance to its citizens who are struggling to make ends meet. Benefits tend to rise during recessions, as individuals find it difficult to find work or are increasingly laid off. In recent years, the bursting of a historic housing bubble has pushed people out of their homes, while higher unemployment levels have made it difficult for some to afford mortgage payments.

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Which Income Class Are You?
Many people aren't sure which income class that they specifically fall under. Although the vast majority will fall under the middle income class, many studies and scholars actually break up the middle class into three different categories, and some even say there are four. To make things even more complicated, earlier this month the Census Bureau stated that the median American household income is now at its lowest point since 1996, falling 1.5% from 2010 to $50,054.

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Most Expensive Franchise Fees
For many an entrepreneur, the hardest part is finding that one killer idea to monetize. Fortunately, you don't have to. Just buy a franchise, since it's an already proven business model that someone else took the time to develop and perfect. You don't have to create a product line, set pricing or devise any of the other standards required to maintain uniformity from one location to the next. All you need to have are some deep pockets.

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Home Improvements That Require Permits
If you purchased your home prior to the recent housing collapse, your investment may not be paying off the way you had hoped. If your home is on the market, you might be struggling to get an offer high enough to pay off your mortgage. For that reason, some homeowners are taking on remodeling projects to raise the value of their homes.

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6 Things That Spike Your Auto Insurance
You may already know the importance of shopping around to score the best rate on your auto insurance premiums, but did you know that certain factors (or the absence of them) could cause your insurance premiums to rise? To understand what makes your insurance premiums spike, it helps to understand the basic nature of auto insurance: Insurers make money when they insure drivers who don't have accidents, and don't make claims.

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